Static and animated banner design

Banners are the most popular means of Internet advertising for a long time now. They are engaging ads in the form of static pictures or animations. Their aim is to intrigue visitors and offer additional links to your website.

Banner can also be seen as a web page advertising space, where an advertiser can publish any kind of content. Banner size can range anywhere in between the standard dimensions (120 x 60, 160 x 60, 180 x 150, 400 x 240, 250 x 250, 336 x 280, 468 x 60 pixels), or it can be custom-made to fit with your commercial space needs.

Banners purpose

Internet advertising through banners is a safe way for sale increase. Their purpose is multifold:

  • Increase the products or services sale profit,
  • Inform the target audience about your new products, services or special offers, or
  • Branding purposes, e.g. make people memorize the name of your company.
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Banners types

An effective banner can attract visitors and increase the number of visits to your website. Banner design plays a significant role in this process and is the first visual representation of your business to your potential clients.

There are two basic advertising banners types:

  • Static banners (usually with the JPG or GIF extension), and
  • Animated banners (GIF or FLASH format).

Flash banners are very popular no matter which part of the world you are in. Using various technologies, GraviDigital Studio designs banners of all sizes and for all purposes. We create banners in numerous formats, such as gif, jpg, swf, etc. If you plan launching a campaign to increase both organic and advertised website traffic, do not forget the banner design role in the process.

Order banner design

When creating banners, GraviDigital Studio respects values such as simplicity, subtlety, visual appeal, and efficiency. Order a banner and we will design a digital ad which catches the attention of users. Our banners will help to bring their focus on products and services you promote and will increase sales in a creative way.

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