Custom greeting cards design

Holidays are usually the time of year when we reach for greeting cards to make our beloved ones happy. Gifts are usually accompanied by Christmas or New Year’s cards through which people send their earnest wishes and hopes to make the gift even more personal and special.

However, greeting cards can be sent all year round: for birthdays, weddings, christenings, with “thank you” notes, and in other occasions: when you want to surprise your business partners, family and friends and make them happy. Additionally, greeting cards found their place in companies, as a part of corporate identity promotional material, because they can easily fit in with the gifts you want to offer to your potential partners and clients.

Standard size greeting cards

Even though greeting card design is usually minimalist – consisting of a nice illustration, your logo and a message on a folded white piece of paper – one can often find multicolored, joyful, sparkly, and even musical greeting cards, and their popularity never drops.

Greeting card design entails designing custom graphics for a greeting card or a ”thank you” note, 300 x 200 mm in size, folded in half so that the card is actually 150 x 200 mm big. Standard cards usually come with an envelope and they, too, can be personalized and paired with the card.

Find inspiration for holiday card design on our blog and order attractive cards which you will surely keep even after the holidays.

Our graphic studio also offers designing cards in non-standard sizes, just make sure to let us know or show us what you like!

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Ecard design

In the age of the Internet and electronic mail, social networks and text messaging apps (such as Skype, Viber, and WhatsApp), ecards started springing into existence. They got their name by analogy to email, and can also be called electronic cards.

Ecards entail creative cards designed so as to be sent via email or social networks. As opposed to standard, hardcopy cards, ecards can be received and viewed only via computer, mobile device (table) or smartphone. Even though they are usually not printed, this also comes as an option.

Our gifted graphic designers create the finest Christmas cards and cards for other joyful events according to your wishes – no matter if you want to congratulate your business partners for your successful cooperation, express your greatest wishes to your current and future clients, or for personal purposes – sending a warm note to your friends and family.

Order card design

You do not need a special occasion to give someone your attention. You can simply express gratitude to your business partners for your exquisite cooperation or give some of your partners a boost with a card. GraviDigital Studio designs all cards with a smile and creates personalized solutions for the occasion.

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