Shirts and T-shirts graphic design

If you need an appealing shirts and T-shirts to promote your company or business, GraviDigital Studio is here to offer you clothing design everyone would want to wear. Bear in mind that GraviDigital Studio does not print on shirts – we only offer visual T-shirts and shirts design, as well as preparing artwork for T-shirt printing.

Quality T-shirt printing

Screen printing used to be a shirts printing technique before the invention of modern digital printing.

Their main difference is in the latter offering more vivid transfers and colorful gradients, almost the same quality as on screen. Screen printing quality is quite limited.

Single T-shirt digital printing is also more affordable than screen printing.

Textile digital printing machine, ink quality, and printer, to name just a few, are just some of the numerous factors that influence the quality of fabric print. In essence, due to constant technological advancement both screen printing and digital printing quality is on the rise and offers more possibilities than ever.

h&m t-shirt design

T-shirts applications design

A graphic design of the T-shirts applications and transfers can be printed on the front or the back of the shirt or on both at the same time. If you need a uniform design for your company, for promotional activities or the like, GraviDigital team is here to offer you the best T-shirt design visual solutions.

Order T-shirt design

When you are surrounded by a team of far-reaching, hardworking and creative people at your company, we are sure you feel proud of the success you achieve together. Show your employees that you care what they do by ordering custom-made T-shirts with illustrations characteristic of your company which transmit the energy and raise the team spirit.

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