What is a custom-built WordPress theme?

Custom WordPress theme is a theme built with functionalities and page design suitable to your wishes and specifications. Unique WordPress design is completely original, adapted to your brand, style, and business. All functional elements of the theme are implemented so as to perfectly function together, meaning that the WP theme is flexible for further upgrading for all those with development skills, making it far more cost-effective and easier to maintain.

Development of unique WordPress themes

WordPress is a flexible and completely customizable CMS (Content Management System) that is adaptable to all user requirements. Our experienced WordPress developers who work in this open-source platform, offer quality and unique solutions that fit your demands. The best results and performance is gained with a unique theme tailored according to the requests that will help you establish your identity and visual recognizability as the essential parameter for drawing visitors and website development.

Our WordPress services:

WordPress development services encompass the design and development of web presentations with a unique design and a code written according to your requests.

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Unique online shops that truly enhance sales. E-commerce solutions based on WooCommece plugin carefully tailored to each business.

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Team of experienced developers makes sure your website follows the trends, latest versions, backup copies, and ensures the stability of your online business.

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Flexible content with flexible structure

How do we build themes for our clients

Automattic is a company that has created brands such as WordPress, WooCommerce, Gravatar, Jetpack, BudyPress, as well as a number of fantastic software solutions. One of their creations is the Underscores theme, which, being completely stripped down, is adapted to our methodology and represents the basis, framework, and foundation for further building of a unique theme for an originally designed WordPress website.

Tracking and adhering to best adopted practices, as well as over 10 years of WordPress experience, has allowed us to work on a multitude of projects - from presentations, through unique WooCommerce online stores, to complex presentations, blogs and web applications, and below are stated only some of the benefits of this approach.

Benefits of unique themes developed from scratch

  1. Unique appearance

    Unique themes are created exclusively for you and only for your project. Some of the most famous companies use custom WordPress themes to implement any design they want for their site.

  2. Clean & valid code

    Depending on the demo version, the purchased theme is appropriate for the pharmaceutical industry, agriculture, fitness studio or IT agency. As a result, you get 90% of the code that is unusable for you, and the excess of plugins and options negatively affects the security and speed of the website.

  3. Custom functionality

    Unlike custom WP themes, commercial or premium themes are created to be sold. Their main goal is to cater to the widest possible audience, to offer a plugin more compared to the competition, and to eventually be able to be used for different niches.

  4. SEO Optimized

    Unique themes are created exclusively for you and only for your project, they follow SEO rules and the SEO process starts from the very beginning. Performance, implemented scheme on the website, technical SEO provides better visibility.

  5. Security

    Because the website is unique, both in design and in code, it is less interesting to uninvited guests, unlike purchased mass-marketed topics. Base prefixes, removing traces of the WP platform iteration, are some of the good security practices we apply.

  6. Speed

    Less code, less WP plugins, less database load is already a huge advantage and a requirement for your website or online shop to be fast. We use the latest trends and best practices in order for the website to reach optimal performance and maximum speed.

What plugins do we use

Well-crafted plugins for the WP platform are sometimes a true gold packed in .zip format, but we try to use those that are the most needed (the less, the better). We use the best SEO plugins, an ACF plugin that lets you edit content, a licensed WPML plugin if the site is multilingual, or a WooCommerce plugin if it's an online shop. If we need to develop a new add-on for the WP platform specifically for your project, we readily accept the task.

Content organization and design

We have developed a methodology that has proven to be very successful for our clients. From the very beginning, we analyze your needs, create a prototype design that provides you with a competitive edge. The SEO optimization process begins from the design itself and is interwoven through the coding and implementation of technical SEO. The theme we design for you is compatible with the latest version of WordPress and allows you to easily make changes to the website. In addition to creating a website or online shop, you also receive free training in platform use and content management.

WordPress coding standards

WordPress is present on the web in a high percentage, primarily because it is acknowledged as the best CMS. It is a CMS that is easy and user-friendly, but also a platform with a community that counts millions of supporters and has long outgrown the original blog concept. However, the sheer appeal of this CMS has also brought quantity that has, in turn, influenced the quality of the websites created on this platform by those who create their first website on WordPress, considering this platform equivalent to simple website builders.

Experience in WordPress development is gained over the years, with knowledge of WP architecture, semantics, codex and coding standards. Using WP functions, actions and hooks, WP APIs, as well as clean and valid code, a professional and quality end product is developed.

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with a unique theme

We create unique WordPress themes with love, whose use is simple, without unnecessary code, but with an effective user interface that will appeal to you at first sight. Almost 10 years of experience in WP development, gaining the necessary experience has helped us grow together with the WordPress community.


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